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Attention Lake Erie Charter Boat Captains

Lake Erie Fishing Charters & Guides

Utilize our website to locate a fishing charter for your next Lake Erie fishing trip. We have compiled a comprehensive list of charter boats and fishing guides on Lake Erie.


Whether you plan to fish the western basin of Lake Erie in the spring for trophy walleyes or the eastern basin in the fall for lunker steelhead, you will find a fishing charter to fit the requirements of your next fishing trip or charter.


How To Use Our Website


Our website is simple, we provide a detailed and comprehensive way for you to search out that perfect Lake Erie charter service without the need to search page after page on search engine after search engine.


Clicking on Charter List above will produce a list of ALL the charter services in our index. Clicking the Search by Port of Call link to the left will allow you to search by Lake Erie Ports and fishing areas.

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Still have questions? Try giving us a call or using the online chat found at the bottom right of each page.


Our representatives are here to help you find a charter in your area, if possible, or suggest alternative areas that may work as well with your fishing plans.


Either way we help hundreds of people each year find that perfect Lake Erie charter business to ensure they have a memorable fishing trip regardlesss of the area of Lake Erie they intend on visiting.

Calling ALL Captains - List Your Charter With Us

If you are a Lake Erie charter boat service owner/operator and you need more trips this year than last year, CLICK HERE, so we can show you how we can help you. Don't surf away, basic listings are FREE. Discounts are available If you choose to upgrade your basic listing as well, so call us TOLL FREE @ 866-941-2976 for more details.



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Attention Lake Erie Charter Boat Captains

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